We can offer you a huge range of services.

We create content driven creative solutions through different communication media.

Our services

You are planning a new project and need visual or architectural help.


You need a new corporate design. You are planning a magazine. You have written a book and need a new book cover or you want to give your website a new design.

Sophia studied communication design in Munich. Immediately she started to look after her own clients. Designing from the content has always been her strength. She gives each brand its own personality.


You need drawings for your new project.

Sophia and Theo loved to draw from a very young age. They took many drawing classes at a young age. Telling stories through pictures gives STT great pleasure.


You need help with the planning of a trade fair stand. You need a new interior for your cafe, your store or your office.

Sophia and Theo met in Berlin after studying architecture and interior design. They studied scenography together at the TU-Berlin. Afterwards they realized numerous exhibitions and trade fair booths.


You want to give your new store, bar, cafe, office or facade a whole new look.

Theo practiced graffiti spraying in Greece from a young age. Over the years, he developed a style of his own. In addition to street art exhibitions, you can admire his murals in cafes and bars. You can see a lot of his works on his website.